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Prepare for co-organizing the monthly Research Showcase
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Starting next quarter (FY20/21-Q1), I will be co-organizing the Research Showcase with @DED . The aim for this quarter is thus to prepare the talks for the following quarter:

  • Compile a list of topics and possible speakers for next quarter's research showcase
  • Send out invitations to possible speakers

Event Timeline

Update week 2020-04-13: None

Update week 2020-04-20: None (short week)

Update week 2020-04-27: Starting the planning with @DED next week.

Update week 2020-05-04:

  • first discussion with Djellel to plan showcases starting from July
  • will collect a set of themes around which we plan the showcases
  • after selection of themes will look for potential speakers to invite

Update week 2020-05-11:

  • agreed on 3 possible themes for the next 2 showcases (1 backup)
    • medical content
    • bias/fairness
    • censorship
  • started to collect list of speakers for the themes here
  • planning to invite speakers starting next week

Update week 2020-05-18

  • compiled a list of themes and speakers here
  • agreed on themes for the next 4 showcases with at least 2 possible speakers for each topic:
    • medical content in wikipedia in July (timely)
    • wikiatlas+maps/visualization in August (as of Diegos suggestion)
    • bias/fairness in ML
    • censorship
  • Djellel will review/expand list; upon discussion we will start to send out invitiations

Update week 2020-05-25:

Update week 2020-06-01:

  • sent out invitations to speakers for july showcase on medical content (giovanni colavizza already accepted)
  • added showcase theme on readership with several possible speakers

Update week 2020-06-08:

  • july showcase: confirmed 2 speakers for the showcase on medical content in Wikipedia (Giovanni Colavizza, Denise Smith)
  • august/september showcases:
    • in discussion with djellel, agreed on 2 themes: i) readership (Martin) and ii) censorship (djellel)
    • sent out invitations for 2 speakers for the readership showcase


  • create phab-ticket for showcase and follow-up with details on logistics

Update week 2020-06-15:

  • co-moderated the june showcase
  • confirmed 2 speakers for showcase in august on readership and navigation (Taha Yasseri, Dimitar Dimitrov)
  • created phab-tickets for showcases in july (T255462) and august (T255702)