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Username change at Beta-Cluster
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Hi, After having account creation problems (T250245) I was finally able to create one however when I registered I found out the "Davey2010" name was taken,

The creator has only made 2 edits with it (to their userpage and talkpage) so I wasn't sure if it'd be possible if I could have the username given I use "Davey2010" on every other Wikimedia project,

I've registered there as "Davey2010EN" but would prefer to keep the same username across all projects if possible,

(I was asked to come here by PPelberg at,

Thanks, Kind Regards, Dave

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Nevermind I'm an idiot! - I don't ever remember creating the account but luckily my email was assigned to it so have got in!, I don't know to mark this as resolved or delete this so if someone could either that'd be appreciated, Apologies for the timewaste, Thanks

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Nah, glad you found a way! :)