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Kartographer maps don't appear after first added while using the preview function on the 2017 wikitext editor
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  1. That's not a Kartographer map on that page, just a simple image.
  2. Preview seems to work for me.

Screenshot 2020-04-17 at 13.59.34.png (936×1 px, 385 KB)

@TheDJ It is correct that the page currently uses a simple image map; however, I had added a Kartographer map for the preview screenshot. A discussion is still occurring regarding whether to implement these maps for cave infoboxes on enwiki, thus explaining why I didn't save the edit. If you'd like to reproduce the issue, change {{Infobox cave to {{Infobox cave/sandbox at the top of the article before entering preview. Sorry for the initial confusion.

Confirmed. this issue is blocked on Parsoid/WE2017 not supporting JS modules in preview (unless the old page version already has these loaded).

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This appears to be blocked on the parsing team so I am adding them here.

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