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Feature req: Jianpu support in Score
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The numbered musical notation, or jianpu, is a simple notation similar in purpose to ABC used in China. A Python frontend to convert jianpu into Lilypond is available at

It would be very nice for the Chinese users of Wikimedia sites to be able to write Jianpu in the score tag. This change should not be too hard, since ABC conversion has already established most parts of the includes/Score.php code needed for conversion:

  • generateLilypond() should get a jianpu case.
  • generateLilypondFromAbc() should get duplicated for jianpu.
  • $supportedLangs needs expansion, and a jianpu-ly path configuration key should be added.

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Ebe123 added a subscriber: Ebe123.

Sounds interesting! Currently working on the extension to make it easier to add these new notations. Should get to this in a few weeks (after exams :) )

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