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Add a way to rename a tag
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I was going through wikidata's abuse filters to update uses of deprecated variables, but couldn't save two of the filters[1] because the tags are invalid[2]. It should be possible to rename the existing tag so that existing uses of the tag applied by the filter and new uses can be searched for together

[1] and
[2] Tag names must not contain commas (,), pipes (|), or forward slashes (/).

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This would actually be pretty simple; tag names are only stored in one place - change_tag_def.ctd_name

At Special:Tags, add a rename action
Rename from: any current tag name, regardless of validity
Rename to: any valid tag name
Db impact: a single write to one row of the change_tag_def table (plus log entry)
New log entry: managetags/rename
Required right: managechangetags (or should it be a new right?)