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Read only windows for database primary masters
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This is the main tracking task for the multiple read-only windows we'll need in the following weeks.

The reason and duration of the read only windows are the same:

Reason: We need to upgrade and restart our primary database masters
Impact: The wikis listed on each subtask will not be able to receive edits - reads will remain unaffected at all times.
Duration: We expect the real read-only to take around 45-60 seconds although we'll request a 15 minutes read-only window just in case.
Date and hour: Each subtask will include the date and hour of the maintenance.
Affected wikis: Will be on each subtask. We'll probably group sections, so we don't have to request 8 read-only windows, but maybe 4 instead.

Please let me know if further information is required

Event Timeline

Trizek-WMF triaged this task as Medium priority.

Waiting for subtasks listing:

  • the time frame
  • the targeted wikis
  • if only tools are in read-only, the name of the tools and troubles people may face

Everything is completed, this task can be closed.
Thanks for your support!

Happy to help. Thank you for the detailed tasks!

I'd like to thank all who worked on this task! If wikilove was enabled on meta, you would sure get a barnstar or two from me! Again, thank you so much