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Better User Experience
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Looking at this extension, wanted to suggest a few things to improve user experience. As it is now, I could not use it on an install to help older users recover their accounts so I have to use the maintenance script to reset their password.

  1. Selecting all users for a PW change is a bit over the top. Might be useful for a closed wiki, but not for one with 400 users and you only need to help one user to change a PW so they can log in. Perhaps a toggle, select all, select none. To time consuming to uncheck all and reset just one user.
  1. Alphabetical order of usernames. That would help with finding one username without having to use browser's find function. As it is now it is like a needle in the proverbial haystack.

Event Timeline

Hi @Hutchy68, thanks for taking the time to report this! Can you please check and split this into separate tasks, to request only one improvement per task? That will allow to have more specific task summaries (otherwise nearly every feature request could be called "Better User Experience" and they could not be distinguished when looking at the list of tickets), and it will also allow to track the progress and status of each improvement via the task status. Hence I am closing this current task as invalid. Thanks for your understanding!