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Import new donor list back into Civi
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Hi @Eileenmcnaughton @DStrine, we now have the amended TS file back. Could you help us with importing back into Civi? I've added the file to the same folder the export was placed in under 2020 Update. The field mapping should be the same as the last import, but the columns are in a slightly different order. Please let me know if you'd like it provided again for easier mapping! I remember we did need to add in a null on supplemental address last time.

Thanks very much!

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@LeanneS I imported just the first 2 contacts in the file using the UI - civicrm/group/search?force=1&context=smog&gid=802 - the only change I made was adding another location_type for 2020 - but it looks like it worked with the existing mapping

@Eileenmcnaughton Great thank you! These two contacts look good to me. Glad the existing mapping works to use again. Does it matter that the column order has changed or did you just update that?

@LeanneS - so I just did the first 6 by command - see contact 35902545 - looks like the NULL worked

@LeanneS -ok 380 contacts is - I'm ready to schedule it - seems OK to me.

Note the case where they had a supplemental address & there is no ts address data seems not-great. But there is only single digits affected so I'm just fixing those manually

@LeanneS - let me know if I can pull the trigger!

@Eileenmcnaughton Thanks! Could you share a CID of one of those with no ts address? I think might impact a lot of the contacts in the full file.

@LeanneS so the ones with no ts address but with a civi address that has a supplemental I manually cleaned - since there weren't many. This is one with no ts address & an existing address & a bit of 'history' - my guess is we should delete some 8052681...

Some more

Ah I see now. Thanks for manually updating those! I'm wondering if there's a way to skip updating those without a ts address since it leads to two addresses in the contact when they weren't updated? Not a big deal if it complicates it though.

Yeah it does add some hassle - I think if they were later script merged the duplicates would not be copied over. Maybe we should later do a cleanup to remove duplicate addresses - separate phab though

Works for me! I think it would be good to update later if we can as the group will appear larger too.

@LeanneS so they have started coming in ... civicrm/group/search?force=1&context=smog&gid=802

Thanks @Eileenmcnaughton! I did a spot check and they looked good.

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