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User ID not in event data capsule
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WMDE is about to run a campaign reaching out to occasional editors to encourage them to keep on editing. For evaluation purposes we want to measure the effect of the banners on editing frequency, which would need to be broken down to user accounts.

The documentation states that user related data is logged alongside the actual event schema when an event is triggered by a logged-in user, including the user ID. The EventCapsule schema on meta and the actual capsule code do not contain this field, though.

I can think of a good reason not to include data that qualifies for identifying specific users, but I still want to ask: Am I missing something? Is this data hidden/restricted to be accessible only to specific user groups? Or is the documentation simply diverging from the actual behaviour/functionality?

Event Timeline

Hi Adam,
thanks for getting back to us! This is the phab ticket, I hope this clarifies the problem?

I think this might be a case of misinterpretation of the docs!

Standard data fields
Here are names and idioms used by convention in similar fashion in current schemas.

This sentence does not say that these fields appear in all events, rather that lots of events tend to have these fields, and the events that do generally have the definition as defined below as a convention.

@Verena It is very similar to what is claimed in the EventLogging documentation that @kai.nissen has shared with us via email:

Repository for standardized, best practice, commonly used schema elements...

So, since it does not imply that we can match user identification to any of the events that we might wish to track in this campaign, no, it does not help.
From the viewpoint of understanding that it might be a good practice to enable for such a mapping in the future, yes, it helps. It makes me feel better :)

If WMDE-New-Editors-Banner-Campaigns wants to create an event, that does track the user, I see no reason that a custom event can not be created.
This would of course have to be tied into the trigger somehow (more work), I do not know enough about central notice or the banners to know how easy this work would be.
I'll defer to @kai.nissen ? :D

I think this might be a case of misinterpretation of the docs!

Yes, I guess I misinterpreted. The schema we use for logging the banner clicks and close button clicks can be extended to also store the user ID. Anyway, this is out of scope for this ticket, so I'm closing this one.