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Show Wikidata description without forced capitalisation
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There are some languages (e.g. Italian, English, French, etc.) that require the Wikidata description to start with a lowercase letter, but with the forced capitalisation it's impossible to see if the Wikidata Description of a page has been written with a lowercase or an uppercase letter. See the attached screenshots:

Here the description is shown with a starting uppercase letter

photo_2020-04-21_19-53-01.jpg (1×614 px, 68 KB)

The description, however, has a starting lowercase letter
photo_2020-04-21_19-53-03.jpg (1×614 px, 68 KB)

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This highlights the fact that mobile-html is explicitly upper-casing the Wikidata description at the top of the article.

However, the Android team (cc @Charlotte) has agreed that we should not capitalize the descriptions, and simply show them in the form that they come from Wikidata.

@JMinor Can you comment on whether the iOS team still wants to capitalize the description explicitly?

If so, we'll need to add conditional code in mobile-html to make the descriptions appear differently for Android vs. iOS.

To add a bit of colour to what @Dbrant said above, until fairly recently we were capitalising the descriptions in articles, but found that doing so royally confuses the users when it comes to, e.g., the SE edit previews. What ended up making most sense was to show them everywhere in the app precisely as they came from Wikidata, so that users will feel prompted to edit them if e.g., the capitalisation is incorrect, as @Nnvu suggests.

Thanks for the merge @Charlotte

Just a small remark: T251114 was about capitalisation and punctuation.
I think it's important as capitalisation can be tricky ("church of England" and "Church of England" are both correct but have very different meaning, the first is a place, the second is an organisation). While punctuation is much easier (a description almost never ends with a point, there is only a very limited number of exceptions like "painter, son of John Doe Sr.")

Thanks @VIGNERON. We hope that by showing the descriptions precisely as they come from Wikidata, we will avoid inserting improper punctuation, while giving people an opportunity to edit the descriptions if they do not follow the project guidelines.

Ok, @JMinor and I have chatted - both platforms are going to show the descriptions exactly as they come from Wikidata. So let's please remove the bit of css that does that transformation. Tagging the PI backlog so they can git 'r done.

Change 592724 had a related patch set uploaded (by Dbrant; owner: Dbrant):
[mediawiki/services/mobileapps@master] No longer capitalize Wikidata description under Title and Read More.

Change 592724 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/services/mobileapps@master] No longer capitalize Wikidata description under Title and Read More.

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