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IABot does not recognise archive-url in existing citation templates and doubles up with webarchive
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The majority of edits made by IABot on the Cantonese Wikipedia since its reboot on 27 March have been buggy. The issue appears to remain unresolved after @Cyberpower678 tinkered with the settings on 30 March so I'm bringing it here.

Specifically, IABot seems to have become unable to recognise the archive-url parameter in existing {{cite web}} citations, and insisted on doubling it up with {{webarchive}}.

Here is some diagnostic information from the edits IABot made on the Cantonese Wikipedia on 30 March, before @Dabao_qian and I turned it off:

  • Wrong - exactly the same archiveurl already exists inside a citation template but IABot insists on adding an extra copy of {{webarchive}}: Diff1 Diff2 Diff3 Diff4 Diff5 etc
  • Suboptimal - No existing archiveurl inside citation template. IABot adds a standalone instance of {{webarchive}} rather than adding archiveurl to the citation template: Diff6 Diff7 Diff8 Diff9 etc
  • False positive: Diff10 (bottom edit; top edit is correct)
  • Correct - Bare links in ref, IABot adds {{webarchive}}: Diff11 Diff12 etc
  • Correct - IABot recognises citation templates and marks dead links as dead: Diff13 Diff14
  • Correct - IABot fills in archiveurl parameter of an existing citation template: Diff15 Diff16

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