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Make the revision info notice on permanent links sticky as the user scrolls
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When visiting a permanent link to an old revision of a page, a notice is displayed at the top alerting the reader (encoded at en-WP here, I think; see an example in practice here). This notice is not just informative for readers/editors, but an important tool against abuse, since otherwise someone could vandalize an article and then link to the old revision to continue propagating the vandalism even after it's reverted.

However, it is possible to link to a section of an old revision (example), and this presents an avenue for abuse, as someone could do so, and the recipient would not see the notice unless they scrolled up.

Therefore, I propose that the notice be redesigned so that it remains on the page as the reader scrolls. As part of this redesign, it could also be visually improved, for instance by adding a caution icon and a title.

(Note: I'm following-up from proposal on en-wiki here)

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As much as I'd personally agree I can also imagine that folks with smaller screens won't like this. :-/

Maybe have a small pin button on the banner and a setting to set which it defaults to.

I think the small screen problem is one that could be solved with good enough design. For instance, the banner could collapse as you start scrolling, so that it gives the full information about the date/editor/number/etc. of the old revision at the top, but just a simple "this is an old revision" notice for when you're half way down the page.

Are there any additional tags that I should add to this ticket to help it show up in front of the right project for it to be actioned?

<s>@Sdkb can you be a bit more specific about the step-by-step to make the problem you want to solve occur? Simply following the link above didn't cause a problem, as it doesn't put me in to edit mode - we don't need to warn readers that they are not logged in.</s>

@Xaosflux, the issue has nothing to do with edit mode or readers being logged in. When you follow the example I linked above, it takes you to an old revision and also starts you scrolled half way down the page, which means you don't initially see the old revision notice.

Apologies, I was looking at too many things at once when I typed that!