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User styles don't update on login or prefs change
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Several preferences such as "justify paragraphs" affect the user stylesheet
that's generated and imported by each page. The style sheet is not reloaded on
login or preferences change.


  • Login to
  • Change your preferences to "Justify paragraphs"
  • Go to the main page, notice that paragraphs are still left-justified
  • Force a total reload (shift/control+reload), now it looks good.
  • LOG OUT.
  • Force a total reload (shift/control+reload), you're looking at the page as an

anon, left-justified.

  • LOG IN.
  • Go to the main page. It is marked with your user account, but the paragraphs

are still left justified.

  • Force a total reload (shift/control+reload), now you see fully justified

paragraphs again.


This bug probably causes a number of problems with preferences that have been
reported. The simplest solution is to do what we used to do and include these in
the generated HTML so it actually updates; an alternative is to force the style
to be rechecked separately like the pages are, though this requires more HTTP

Version: 1.3.x
Severity: normal



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Fixed with the addition of a timestamp to CSS URL.