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During editing the pages some mediawiki messages are not loaded
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Author: danny.leinad

After WMF software updating, on we do not see messages [[MediaWiki:editing]], [[MediaWiki:editingsection]] and [[MediaWiki:editingcomment]].

On my own wiki I've tested and it works, so the issue is probably connected with failure during deploying.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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That's another consequence of the setTitleText...

conrad.irwin wrote:

The same problem breaks {{DISPLAYTITLE}}.

Seems to be a repeat of bug 22501

*** Bug 23125 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

danny.leinad wrote:

Now it works, thank you. Marked as fixed.

Can this patch be applied safely (by me) to MediaWiki 1.16, which has this bug? It would be:

Index: includes/parser/Parser.php

  • includes/parser/Parser.php (revision 14934)

+++ includes/parser/Parser.php (working copy)
@@ -387,8 +387,7 @@

if ( $convruletitle ) {
        $this->mOutput->setTitleText( $convruletitle );
} else {
  • $titleText = $wgContLang->convertTitle( $title );
  • $this->mOutput->setTitleText( $titleText );

+ $this->mOutput->setTitleText( $wgContLang->convert( $this->mOutput->getTitleText() ) );


Ignore the revision number (14934) on that diff: it's our local subversion server.

If it works for you, it's fine, but take into account that it was then modified by r64827, itself changed in r64856 and finally with r64876, which should be the final fix to target.