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Plan the integration of new WMCS naming schemes into PAWS
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Per the migration of DNS names documented here, the main paws domain of well as paws-public) is outdated and should be changed. That said, there are a few considerations here.

  1. Legacy links will likely need a plan to handle with a redirector or similar (especially for paws-public)
  2. We need to verify if there are any wiki redirector kind of things for paws or paws-public that may need update
  3. A documentation refactor might be needed just to effectively communicate a change because there are so many sources of documentation on paws.
  4. Does this simply become or is PAWS special enough to get it's own domain? I don't think we have a domain available for it like that, so this is something that might not be on the table anyway.

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from the 2020-04-29 WMCS team meeting:

  • @bd808 thinks a specific domain might not be useful. Using seems OK.
  • @Bstorm thinks we don't really need to call this new deployment with a new specific tag (paws V2, paws 2020) because less impact for end users.
JHedden triaged this task as Medium priority.May 5 2020, 4:18 PM

I think this one is functionally done, since we have decisions for now, right @aborrero ?

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Ok, my understanding is we will be using for the new service, right?