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Protocol in -weblink should be handled instead of resulting in APIError
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If http.s (or other ptocol?) is present in the queried domain, user should be informed by either script or by LinksearchPageGenerator's pagegenerator that it is not excepted to be present in it.

$ python3 listpages -weblink:"http://*"
WARNING: API error badquery: Invalid query.
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 390, in <module>
    if not main():
  File "", line 385, in main
  File "", line 101, in run_python_file
  File "./scripts/", line 285, in <module>
  File "./scripts/", line 257, in main
    for i, page in enumerate(gen, start=1):
  File "pywikibot-core/pywikibot/data/", line 2823, in __iter__ = self.request.submit()
  File "pywikibot-core/pywikibot/data/", line 2091, in submit
    raise APIError(**result['error']) badquery: Invalid query.
[help: See for API usage. Subscribe to the mediawiki-api-announce mailing list at &lt;; for notice of API deprecations and breaking changes.]
CRITICAL: Exiting due to uncaught exception <class ''>

$ python3 listpages -weblink:"*"
   1 Tcfc2349
1 page(s) found

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Change 593055 had a related patch set uploaded (by Framawiki; owner: Framawiki):
[pywikibot/core@master] [FEAT] pagegenerators: handle protocols in -weblink

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[pywikibot/core@master] [FEAT] pagegenerators: handle protocols in -weblink