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Missing sitelinks for some wikibase items
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Some sitelinks are missing for Q5084390.
at the time of writing lists:

but and are missing from wdqs servers.
Sitelinks are supposed to be unique (barring T44325) so it's unclear what could have have happened.

If the problem mentioned in T44325 caused a duplicate entry for en and pt sitelinks then when deleting such item these triples might have been deleted from the store. Only a new edit on Q5084390 after the deletion would have been able to restore these sitelinks.

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There was a duplicate (Q89621390) but both were in the query service, merging the items shouldn't remove the data for both.

@Peter_James thanks! The current update strategy assumes that entity <> sitelink pairs are unique and thus when a sitelink is removed it blindly assumes that it's not used elsewhere. Not doing so would require a much more costly update process that would have to verify if it's being used by other entities.
T44325 (perhaps exacerbated by T249565) is probably the root cause.

I think the best approach here is to wait for the cleanup in T249613 and its report then make sure that true duplicates are removed and then schedule a new full reload of all the servers.
In the meantime items can manually be fixed by doing a null edit, this is far from ideal but I don't think we have a better option at the moment.

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This should have been resolved as part of T249613. Please re-open if that's not the case.