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Validate that we have enough resources on WMCS for a SPARQL Endpoint for Commons
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With some estimates of the current dump data size, ensure that we have enough resources in WMCS for a new SPARQL Endpoint for Commons. Note that the test WDQS servers (T221631) might be used if needed.

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Quota for wikidata-query wmcs project is currently 50GB ram / 17 cores. It currently has a commons query service instance running with 4 cores and 24GB of ram. The next instance size is 36GB ram and 8 cores, we are 2 GB shy of enough quota to boot that (after shutting down the existing sdcquery instance). The instance with more memory has less disk though, will have to see if 80G of disk is sufficient. We may be able to request custom sizing, but I'm not sure of any particular precedent. A quota increase can be requested if needed.

We have enough space and a partial prototype running on WMCS