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The tlh language code is not recognized for Interwiki links.
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Author: aliter

The tlh-languages code appears not to be recognized
completely correctly as interwiki. That is, a tlh:<title>
will link to the correct tlh-page, but in the Wikipedia
it's written in it's not included in the list of pages in
other languages. Instead, it's displayed in-text, asif it
were :tlh:<title>.
First encountere 18 september 2004 approximately 12 GMT.
Testing lasted until time of report. Tested on Fy: en Nl:
with standard skin, and on En: with monobook skin.
Repeatable, repeatable for other pages, reteatable for
user:-page. Example given in URL above.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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river wrote:

This is the intended behaviour according to Wikipedia policy.

aliter wrote:

(In reply to comment #1)

This is the intended behaviour according to Wikipedia policy.

en:<title> is included in the "other languages"-sections.
:en:<title> is included in-text.
tlh:<title> is included in-text.
:tlh:<title> is included in-text.

Since Wikipedia aims at being language-independent, Wikipedia policy
should specify the same intended behaviour in both cases. Actual
behaviour however is not the same.

river wrote:

Wikipedia policy does not specify that. It's part of the compromise on
including a Klingon language Wikipedia at all. If you want this to change, you
will have to change the policy.