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Add noise reduction
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Hello, during this discussion, @Jeuwre said that he has developed a homemade "RecordWizard" in which it uses the noise reduction feature from Audacity. Noise reduction is useful to increase the quality of the recordings.
If this is not yet present in RecordWizard, we should think about adding such feature.

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Hello, main advantage of fade in/fade out is, that you get rid off these small little background/ambient noises (when opening your mouth: smacking with your lips, spitting-sound, clicking with the tongue at the velum, ...) partly you can't prevent. In Audacity you can see it as small little peaks before and after the actual recording. If you're aware of it you can hear it too. Of course not every recording has one or more peaks, I guess maybe 20% . But it don't harm if you fade in/out in the other cases too. So it's a quality feature that helps to improve my recordings.

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