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Contributor gets own contributions by tag
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"As a Contributor, I want to get a history of my own contributions by tag, so I can review work that I've done with a theme."

For the endpoint defined in T235073, add a parameter tag that limits the history only to changes that are tagged with that value.

This might be difficult; we keep tags on recent changes, but not on revisions (verify), so we only have a limited history of tagged changes.

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Change 605829 had a related patch set uploaded (by Daniel Kinzler; owner: Daniel Kinzler):
[mediawiki/core@master] me/contributions: filter by tag

Change 605829 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/core@master] me/contributions: filter by tag

This seems to be working well. Thanks!

I'm a bit unclear on how the tags work. Is there a set of predefined tags?

@apaskulin Users (i think only admins) can create custom tags. I believe a fresh install of mediawiki comes with no predefined tags, but there might be some jobs or something that create standard tags (because i see a few that pop up when I run the integration tests and look at what tags are stored in the database)

I'm a bit unclear on how the tags work. Is there a set of predefined tags?

Yes, see The "huggle" tag is an exampel of a tag that can be applied manually.

Note that "defined by software" may mean core or an extension. The list of tags defined by core can be found in includes/changetags/ChangeTags.php:

	private static $definedSoftwareTags = [

These tags can show up in the contributions feed, but they cannot be set directly. They are a side effect of doing particular kinds of edits.

Docs for this change have been reviewed and are ready to be published when this endpoint goes into v1.