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Design improvements for empty search results page
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Starting from T208184 there have been gathered several ideas to make no search results better usable.
Current look:

image.png (828×1 px, 72 KB)
  • There's misalignment vertically.
  • There's interaction color as visual indicator missing.

Proposal by @alexhollender

I think we should anchor on the use case where the search returns results because that's more common. I think it looks better with the proposed icon rather than no icon.

image.png (1×750 px, 305 KB)
image.png (1×750 px, 46 KB)
no icon
image.png (1×750 px, 303 KB)
image.png (1×750 px, 44 KB)

Event Timeline

@Volker_E wondering if blue is too prominent in the case where other results are returned? Perhaps a gray button is obvious enough?

image.png (1×750 px, 303 KB)

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Given Minerva plans to use wvui eventually, I think this should probably be repurposed as a concern of the search widget there.