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Ability to emphasize the newborn sections
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Hi. I meet a lot of situations when I open some discussion page only to read the names of the sections that have been added from my last visit, to check if there is something interesting. So, I scroll a lot of lines to check only three or four of them. It will be nice to avoid this waste of time. I'm asking to add an arbitrary class to the items in TOC that were not existed in the previous visit. This way, one could add a custom css emphasizing to these items, to recognize the new topicss immediately on the page opening. Thank you.

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Hm, that shouldn't be hard. In the beta version, this should do the trick:

mw.hook('convenientDiscussions.newCommentsMarked').add(() => {
    .filter((section) => section.comments[0] && section.comments[0].newness)
    .forEach((section) => {
        .css('font-weight', 'bold');

This code bolds all section links in TOC that have the first comment marked as new.