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Deprecate unused (non-actual) methods of WikiPage and Article (with subclasses)
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I found many unused methods, while I was working with

I recommend:

  • to research the usage of these methods
  • to hard deprecate these methods
  • to remove them in 1.36


  • to improve WikiPage/Article
  • to minimize public methods and codebase of these classes

Methods for deprecation:

  • \CachedAction\CachedAction\CachedAction\CachedAction

  • \WikiPage::pageDataFromId

  • \WikiPage::getCreator

  • \WikiPage::getMinorEdit

  • \WikiPage::supportsSections

  • \ImagePage::getDuplicates

  • \ImagePage::getForeignCategories

  • \InfoAction::getContributors

  • \ImagePage::isLocal - No usages, but research needed

Property for deprecation:

  • \WikiPage::$mPreparedEdit - Usage looks like not actual