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Global templates initiative
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An initiative to implement global initiatives. This task should be replaced with existing tasks and/or projects if and when this initiative moves forward.

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@eprodromou: Hi, the current short task description in this and many other tasks makes it hard or impossible to contribute or understand what this is about.

The task summary talks about "Global templates" so I wonder if this is related to T121470 or T238251. But I don't know because there is zero information here.
The task description talks about "global initiatives" instead. Might be a typo?

Please consider the recommendations on how to write tasks which allows collaboration and better decisions. That's impossible with unclear task descriptions. Thanks.

@Aklapper Thanks for the reminder. Core Platform Team is moving our initiative planning and management from an external workboard system (Asana) to Phabricator. We were finding that there was a big leap from planning externally to planning internally, and we wanted to close that loop by getting things into Phabricator earlier.

Unfortunately, we have a lot of cards on that external workboard that are pretty sparse on details. Like, "Do stuff?"

I can see a few ways to deal with this:

  • Mark them private, so I can get them into Phab and then figure out what they are and make them more useful
  • Fill out more detail