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Reset event data when session expires
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Very long sessions on the same page (when the app is re-opened after a very long time) are counted as a single page view with a very long page opened time.


  • Check/renew the session on page view and page hide
  • Send events on page hide (visibility changed -> hidden)
  • When the session has expired, renew all the event state (start time, visible time, page view token, etc)

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@nshahquinn-wmf this was merged. You should start seeing data produced with this fix right about now but keep in mind that older code is still going to run for a few days. I wish there was an easy way to tell which version of the code generated which event. We have that for app version but not for small code changes that are not released.

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moving to "waiting for feedback" until Neil gives us the green light

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Since the patch was merged, I'm (1) seeing many pageviews with multiple events and (2) not seeing pageviews with long page open times but short page visible times, since those are now split up into separate pageviews. So this looks good!