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Evaluate if we can remove the api_urls field in the summary output
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Background and Why

The summary output includes a api_urls field with several sub-properties pointing to endpoints, some of which have been removed. See T247991.
This field doesn't seem to be used. None of the WMF web and native apps use it. But there could be external clients using it.


This task is to ask if we should remove the api_urls field altogether.


The summary output includes a field with sub-properties, like this:

"api_urls": {
  "summary": "",
  "metadata": "",
  "references": "",
  "media": "",
  "edit_html": "",
  "talk_page_html": ""


  • This is NOT about removing the content_urls field, which the iOS app is using. (It uses
  • This is a potentially breaking change. So it would require a version bump.