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Revised Timeline for Proposal : Design and implement a tool to create overlays on pre-rendered offline maps for Internet In A Box
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Hi @Tim-moody ,@Georgejhunt,
This is a revised timeline as we discussed. I've kept the deliverables and the time frame for each more or less the same. The dates for official code evaluations are also the same. There is an added section in the end, where hopefully we can come up with some improvements.

Please provide your suggestions.



May 4 - May 10Community bonding period. Setup development environment and study various tools and techniques of the existing codebase.
May 11 - May 17Develop a minimum of three SPARQL queries to generate sample map features to test on online maps. Determine the best file format for storing the extracted geo data onto local storage for rendering on offline maps.
May 20 - May 28Extract sample geo data to the development environment for display as an overlay. Develop a javascript functionality to render map functions in extracted geo data as dynamic overlays on prerendered map tiles.
May 29 - June 6Finalize a working prototype that can render any arbitrary file of geodata as an overlay onto the existing OSM display in IIAB.
June 29 - July 3Phase 1 Evaluations
June 7 - June 16Design and implement tools to enable the users to do SPARQL queries themselves and implement a feature to move it to local storage. Implement more robust functionality by developing scripts to use existing APIs and tools to design a user-oriented approach. Develop scripts for the client-side to submit a SPARQL query( for power users).
June 17 - June 30Download query results to server similar to phase 1. Decide on choosing between queries or results to put in the catalog. Functionality to merge any new results about existing overlay data already on the server. Check for the impact of this addition on map search. Write detailed documentation for design and feature additions. Write a blog post regarding the changes.
July 27 - July 31Phase 2 Evaluation
July 1 - July 9Add functionality to Admin Console UI to select from a list of pre-determined SPARQL queries and download resulting geodata to the server. Implement additional features based on feedback received.
July 10 - July 20Create Admin Console UI to allow input of query text by the user, developed independently on the WikiData web site and extract resulting data to the server on local storage. Then render the existing OSMs with an overlay of the query.
July 21 - July 28(Optional- Work on configuring ansible for the completed project). Run tests, bug fixes and write documentation for overall design strategy. Do code cleanup for final submission. Update blog with recent additions.
July 29 - August 23Work on improvements and ideas.
August 24 - August 31Final submission of code. Write Project Summary.
August 31 - September 7Mentors submit final student evaluations
September 8Final results of Google Summer of Code 2020 announced