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WQDS Data Reload
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We have already done the reload on wdqs1010, so now we need to xfer to the various other relevant servers

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wdqs1010 is one of our test servers

Therefore can screw up wdqs1010 as much as we want, but not the others

we need to transfer that data to each server
which implies we need to open a port for data transfer

we have 2 primary DC: eqiad and codfw
due to the magic of geo DNS, the servers in codfw see much less traffic than eqiad
in each DC, we have 2 wdqs clusters, one public, one internal
one place to find which server is where: to find where each server is

Note: there was a bug (now fixed) in the cookbook that transferred categories namespace mappings even when no categories were transferred. We need to actually transfer the categories to fix the namespace mapping issue.

Data transfer is done across all instances as of last friday, along with a wdqs-categories reload that we tacked on.

Circling back to mark this ticket as done.

Still need to circle back to dependent tickets and verify that those problems are solved