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Migrate SVG Translate to [medium]
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Production: (OAuth consumer)

Wikitech documentation:

Directions for migration:

Before starting the webservice with the canonical URL, we may need to:

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New consumer for prod is waiting approval:

The new consumer's details are ready and waiting in app/.env (commented out for now).

The prod instance is now at

All existing URLs (including legacy /svgtranslate/?svg=foo.svg, from the old svgtranslate tool) are redirecting.

dom_walden added a subscriber: dom_walden.

I briefly checked some of the basic functionality (logging in, changing language, downloading, translating (on test), uploading (on test)) on the test and production versions.

As Sam points out, old urls redirect (e.g. redirects to

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I also see that the old URLs redirect to toolforge. I'm marking this work as Done.