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Write custom prometheus exporter for Indic Wiki stats and show them as a grafana dashboards
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Get various stats like

Total number of articles
Total number of users
Total number of Categories
Total number of project pages
Total number of templates

and more

and export them as custom exporter so that a prometheus can scrap and show in a grafana dashboard.

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Built a custom prometheus exporter for indic wikipedia sites stats
source -

demo grafana dashboard that uses the data from the custom exporter -

screenshot -

Currently it works only for indic wikipedia sites.

Can extend by adding more wiki sites like wiktionary. wikibooks etc.

Tshrinivasan reopened this task as Open.

If these kind of dashboards are useful, we can host the exporter, prometheus, and grafana on wiki cloud vps and build more exporters and dashboards.

Will get inputs from indic wiki community and proceed further.

Hi, the Wikimedia Hackathon 2020 took place two months ago. Can you please provide an update on this task? If this task was worked on and finished, then please change the task status to resolved. If this task is still valid and should stay open, then please associate an active project tag to this task so this task can be found on an active project workboard. Thanks!

@Tshrinivasan: Hi! Any news to share? Can this task be closed as the Hackathon is over, and as it seems that work is tracked in instead? Thanks! :)

@Tshrinivasan: Could you please answer the last comment? Thanks in advance!

Unfortunately no reply from @Tshrinivasan hence declining.