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Support editing unmatched forms in Wikidata Lexeme Forms
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Wikidata Lexeme Forms, a tool to create and update Lexemes with the right forms on Wikidata, recently gained an edit mode (not yet documented; announcement): it matches the existing forms to the forms in the template the tool knows about (e. g. F3 must be genitive singular, etc.) and lets the user edit the representation of those forms. Currently, forms that cannot be matched (because they match zero or more than one forms in the template) are simply listed without the ability to edit them; @Vesihiisi requested a feature to manually match those forms to a template form (based on the form representation, which the user recognizes: “‘users’ is the plural form!”), and @Nikki also indicated interest, so maybe we can work on this.

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If you’re interested, let me know when you have time to work on this! I’m mostly free so far, except for the Ricochet Robot game on Sunday 19:00 CEST.

I’m now working on this task over at, feel free to join me (chat, telegram, we’ll figure something out).

LucasWerkmeister claimed this task.

I forgot to link the commits to this task, but this is done now, mainly in R2362:5c8befce3db6: Support manually matching forms in edit mode, R2362:70dd15212217: Allow drag’n’drop of unmatched forms in edit mode and R2362:b4780fa83206: Show grammatical features after unmatched forms. Also, I updated the user script to send people to edit mode rather than advanced mode. There are probably some more things that could be done to make edit mode more visible (linking to it from the “duplicate lexemes” warning comes to mind, especially), but I think this task can be closed now, hackathon goal achieved :)