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Create Quickstatements out of Wikidata Query three column layout
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Take the output of a SPARQL query that is in Subject-Predicate-Object columns, and turn them into Quickstatements

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OK I subscribed to this task because I watched the streamyard thing (thx Andrew & co.!), but am not sure if we are talking about the same thing. So one of the things I dream of is getting rid of Excel in my workflow process (also because with each laptop/mobile device I have issues finding stuff and picking up where I left off). Ideally I could take an item like the one I want to create (another portrait painting from the same collection, catalog, or artist), generate the quick statements needed to create that one and have it appear in a notepad-like window I can easily update and feed into Quick statements, or better yet - just dump it directly into the QS old-style notepad-like window!

This is a interesting thing. In PAWS it is possible to use R. I tried to do a bit with it in the last days but I dont know much about it. Do you think it is possible to use R for creating such an upload for Quick Statements

I don't have any development environment installed for wikimedia projects at all. I only use already-created tools, mostly listeria and petscan these days (by Magnus Manske).

So glad to see there is interest! Actually, I already have the Python subroutines to do most of this, via the tool I made for doing knowledge graphs:

This can take any mix of inputs (like "wd:Q5" or "Q5" or "en:Human") and turn them into proper Q numbers. Then it's just a matter of some kind of interface to craft Quickstatements to add, delete, or to create new items.

Here is a helper SPARQL query I would imagine folks would find useful:

Hi, the Wikimedia Hackathon 2020 took place two months ago. Can you please provide an update on this task? If this task was worked on and finished, then please change the task status to resolved. If this task is still valid and should stay open, then please associate an active project tag to this task so this task can be found on an active project workboard. Thanks!

@Fuzheado: No reply, hence unfortunately declining. If this is still a valid task nowadays, feel free to add an active project tag (so the task can be found), set the task status back to "open", and also assign to a person actively planning to work on this. Thanks!