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Create plan for how DiscussionTools will be scaled to all wikis
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This task is about creating a plan for how and when DiscussionTools features will be deployed beyond our four partner Wikipedias: Arabic, Dutch, French and Hungarian.

Plan components

For each deployment step, the following should be defined:

  1. Goal of deployment
  2. How the tool(s) will be deployed
  3. Requirements that must be met before the tool(s) are deployed as defined in "2."
    • "Requirements" are those that need to be met by the Editing Team, the software and the community where the tools are planning to be deployed.

Deployment plan

The draft plan is here (limited access for now): //


  • Deployment plan containing the components above is published on

Event Timeline

Updating the task description with the basic outline @Whatamidoing-WMF and I discussed during today's meeting as well as with a link to the plan we've started drafted on Office wiki:

Update: 10-August

  • Opt-out preference deployment process: I've started drafting the checklist we'll need to refine and eventually follow in order to deploy the Reply Tool preference as an opt-out preference. This "checklist" can be seen in the Opt-out Process tab of this sheet (limited access for now): Talk pages project/Scaling.

I am resolving this task considering @Whatamidoing-WMF and I have created the requirements that must be met before new Talk pages porject features are deployed to new projects as Beta Features and opt-out preferences.

These requirements, and the processes for making sure said requirements are met, are represented here: Talk pages project/Sacling.