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Documentation of Hackathon projects related to Covid-19 Data
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The idea of this task is to keep track of any works on the hackathon that are directly or indirectly related to covid-19.

This includes any project that could be useful for those working on Covid-19 on Wikidata specifically.

Everyone is welcome to add the updates on their projects to:

The idea is to have updates every half-day, so people jumping in can see what has been done, and also to keep a record for future reference.

Ideas of different formats are very welcome too.

Event Timeline

Hi, the Wikimedia Hackathon 2020 took place two months ago. Can you please provide an update on this task? If this task was worked on and finished, then please change the task status to resolved. If this task is still valid and should stay open, then please associate an active project tag to this task so this task can be found on an active project workboard. Thanks!

Thanks for the reminder. It is resolved.