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Have a way to auto-email saved phab queries on a regular interval
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Discussed during the remote hackathon with @bd808.

It would be nice if there was a way to have an automated email sent every so often on a regular interval with the results of a saved query. This would prompt users to work on tasks they have licked or start working on new things as they could have a report sent on these things to them.

@Dzahn has setup things like the list of tasks with past deadlines before so maybe they could help.

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It would be best to keep this optional.


We currently have but that requires direct access to Phab’s database.

I wonder if we could use the api

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See also T76825#3078274 and discussion in that task in general - this task might be a duplicate.

I can imagine that such "nagging" digest emails work for some folks (similar to mailing list digests instead of single posts). I can also imagine that for the vast majority, more emails about something does not help when you might already struggle with the other emails you receive anyway (see also ). I know that this task says it should be optional, however I'm personally not convinced the gain outweighs the work...

Some pointers to things that may help work on this:

I’ll try and have a brain storm on Monday and see what I can create that will get this to work locally then port to toolforge and see if I can get email working.

Might need somehelp setting it up as a job running though.

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I've created some code that can generate the list, let me try and get it onto a tool and emailing me.

The tool functions. once I squash a bug that I’ve created fixed and unfixed, it will be ready.

If anyone wants to use it, please send me how often you would like it sending and a link to the query.

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-cloud) [2020-05-11T14:02:42Z] <RhinosF1> set cron for '/usr/bin/jsub -N cron-29 -once -quiet python3' to run weekly at Monday 3pm T252301