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Upload Wizard "copy information to all uploads" auto numbering system not working properly
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When the Upload Wizard copies information from the first upload to the other uploads, it automatically numbers some or all of the uploads sequentially. For years, I have been naming the first of my multiple uploads in the format "[subject], [year] (01)" and the copying system has then been correctly naming and numbering subsequent uploads automatically as "[subject], [year] (02)", "[subject], [year] (03)", etc. Some weeks or so ago, the automatic numbering system broke. Since then, apart from a few days when someone fixed it, it has been misnumbering the uploads in the following way: it adds "01" to the first upload, and then misnumbers the subsequent uploads as "[subject], [year] (01) 02", "[subject], [year] (01) 03", etc. This misnumbering is really annoying, as it has to be corrected manually. It needs to be fixed permanently.

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@Bahnfrend: Assuming this task is about the UploadWizard project, hence adding that project tag so other people can find this task when searching via projects.

@Bahnfrend - The change was made by @Urbanecm to fix T250410. Specifically, in titles like "Covid-19 pandemic.jpg", the number was being treated as a sequence indicator rather than an integral part of the title, so you would then get titles like "Covid-20 pandemic.jpg" and "Covid-21 pandemic.jpg". Now only numbers at the end of the file name are treated as sequence indicators. To get the proper sequencing that you want, you can work around the issue by removing the parentheses, e.g. "[subject], [year] 01" rather than "[subject], [year] (01)".

Perhaps someone can add additional logic to detect other cases such as yours, but ultimately it's a bit of a guess as to when a number is intended as part of a file name and when it indicates a sequence. The current logic errs on the conservative side.

Theoretically, we could allow brackets at the end of the title, but I'm asking myself: will there be titles like "John Smith (2019).jpg", where the 2019 portion would be taken as the numeric identifier? We could also allow only 1 to be the numeric identifier, but...are there some cases when the numbering intentionallly doesn't start from 1? Those are of course only questions, and not blockers :).

Theoretically, we could allow brackets at the end of the title...

Allowing brackets or parentheses after the number doesn't seem like a bad idea. Since we're already limiting it to numbers with 3 places or less, (most) years won't be a problem.

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Marking as low priority given the current policy on UploadWizard work - though I wonder if this could be marked as easy given it is likely a relatively simple change to the matching logic?

(See for requirements before marking a task as "easy" for newcomers.)