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Renameuser: Migrate old log entries
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r19631 changed the logtitle from $wgTitle to the old username. User renaming before this revision are list under 'Special:Renameuser' (see url).

Please create a script to migrate these log entries to the username. Thanks.

Please give a hint, when there is need for a new request to do this on all WMF wikis. Thanks.

In the log dump from de.wp I have found 8 entries with a empty action and type, but logtitle=Spezial:Renameuser ('Spezial' is localize 'Special'). Maybe it can change by the way. (ids: 147479, 148176, 148177, 148889, 153335, 153336, 154632, 160549)

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Suggesting WONTFIX for this one.

When is introduced, the log format will change again, but with minimal impact for old log entries.

The problem is, that you does not find the very old log entries, because there are list under logtitle=Special:Renameuser. That problem cannot handle by the LogFormatter because the query does not select that entries.

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Agree with @siebrand above that this may not be needed, given that all renames are now globally done and there is less need to be able to find local rename logs