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Build 2 sets of Formal Collaborations to expand our capacity for working on prioritized disinformation projects;
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  • Build a collaboration with IBS/KAIST on the project: ": "Measuring the consistency of information between Wikipedia articles and Wikidata items". T243257
  • Build a collaboration with UFES to work on the project: "Exploration on content propagation across Wikimedia projects.”

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diego triaged this task as High priority.Mon, May 11, 7:45 PM
diego created this task.

Weekly update:

  • Established periodical meetings with the collaborators in UFES and Telefónica. The collaboration is an "Exploration on content propagation across Wikimedia projects. "
  • We have been working in the problem definition and building and studying datasets around cross-wiki content propagation.


  • Write the projection description in meta.
  • Weekly update**
  • Announced the Collaboration with IBS on wiki-research-l
  • Created a placeholder in meta for the second collaboration [1]


diego added a comment.Mon, Jun 1, 1:31 AM


  • The MOU has been signed by Giovanni Comarela and me. This week will review the documentation with Legal, and confirm that everything is ready. After that we will proceed to do the announcements and update the formal collaboration page.