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Test KaiOS Wikipedia app on slow connection
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Test all features of the app with a slow connection and report back qualitatively how:

  • search behaves
  • the reading experience feels to read small, medium, large articles

Define the connection speed(s) you've used.

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Jpita added a comment.May 16 2020, 6:39 AM

use Charles proxy to test this on the device.

use Charles proxy to test this on the device.

can't use Charles because I can't set a proxy on the device 😩
I tested this in the browser and as expected it works fine, but I have high hopes that the same happens on the device

Is it worth trying on the mobile network? For testing, I connected the KaiOS device to a 4G hotspot created on my android phone and felt articles and lead images were taking some more time to load.

Jpita added a comment.May 20 2020, 4:44 PM

I think you are the only one of us with the ability to try with mobile network (at least the jio phones), feel free to try it out.
I always do hotspot with my phone as well, maybe I should try to put the phone in a closet or a microwave to see what happens when the network speed is bad

Thanks @Jpita , I will discuss more on it with Angie.

@Jpita please share the performance metrics you got when you tested on the

Jpita added a comment.EditedMay 23 2020, 3:57 AM

The chrome browser has 3 settings for network throttling
(I didn't test with firefox because it kept freezing when I changed the throttle speeds)

During my tests I did mainly 2 actions, search for a short word ("C" or "cat") and load an article("c" and "cat") .
The longer the word you search for, the faster the results are because it narrows down the search.
I used articles with a good amount of images because that's the heaviest part of the content.
The results seem similar for the article and the search mainly because the search also gets the thumbnail images to show on the list.
Note that the wifi connection I was using was fairly poor compared to the normal speeds, but that turned out to be good for this test to better emulate situations where that might occur (usually 4G is faster than land lines/wifi in developing countries).


online (5mbps)throttled fast 3g (1mbps)throttled slow 3g (400kbps)
average of 3 secondsaverage of 8 secondsaverage of 29 seconds

Those results are page loads so some content is available for the user before that time.

In terms of user experience:

throttled fast 3g (1mbps)throttled slow 3g (400kbps)
search: gets the results list fairly fast and images show when they There's a lag (1-3 seconds) between the insertion of a character and the results appearing without any feedback for the user (no loading gif or "we're getting the results" kind of message
article: the loading gif disappears after a couple of seconds, the text is available almost instantly and the images appear when they finish loading (can take from 2 seconds to 30same as the previous column
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AMuigai closed this task as Resolved.Jun 3 2020, 12:29 PM

Thanks Pita. We'll be planning our offline strategy for the next fiscal.