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Debian-glue doesn't check for the validity of the distribution in the changelog.
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See for instance

The error is

09:25:57 I: Building the build environment
09:25:57 I: running debootstrap
09:25:57 /usr/sbin/debootstrap
09:25:57 E: /srv/pbuilder/aptcache/butster-amd64: No such directory
09:25:57 E: debootstrap failed
09:25:57 E: debootstrap.log not present
09:25:57 W: Aborting with an error
09:25:57 E: pbuilder create failed

(see "buTster").

I tested for a command injection but thankfully we run debian-parsechangelog before we inject what we extract from the distro-line to feed to pbuilder.

The error message, as you can see, is quite confusing. I think we should check whatever distro we find in dch against a list of known distributions and send a clear error otherwise.

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Setting priority as "high" as this is blocking a project.

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I just realized, the problem is the typo buTster I made in the commit. So changing the priority accordingly, I'll rewrite the text of the bug as the problem is different :)

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