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Add a link: ambassadors to involve their communities in the discussion
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Structured tasks are the next step for Growth.

We need to have some feedback from communities, and the 4 pilot wikis will host the discussions. We need to have these communities being aware of this new project, and get some community inputs about this new project.


The questions are the following (coming from the central feedback page):

  • General thoughts - What are your main reactions to structured tasks? Do you think this could be helpful to newcomers and to your communities?
  • Main concerns - What are your main concerns about this idea? We could imagine that ideas like these could lead to vandalism or a high volume of bad edits. We want to think these challenges through.
  • Other Wikimedia projects? - Do you know of tools or projects inside the Wikimedia world that add structure to contribution workflows, that we could learn from? For instance, Hotcat structures the process of adding categories to an article.
  • Other products? - Do you know of other products outside the Wikimedia world that offer tasks to users, that we could learn from?
  • Teaching vs. volume - Do you think designs should be more geared toward teaching newcomers to use the existing editor, or be more geared toward newcomers being able to do easy edits at higher volume?
  • Task types - We can think of several editing workflows that could be structured, along with the help of algorithms. Here are some examples. Which of these workflows do you think have the most potential to be structured? Which ones would be useful for the wiki and which ones not useful? Are there others you can think of?
    • Add a link: algorithm recommends words or phrases that should be blue links, on articles that don't have many blue links. Newcomer decides whether the link really should be added and adds it.
    • Add an image: algorithm recommends images from Commons that might belong in the article. Newcomer decides if it is a good fit for the article and adds it.
    • Add a reference: algorithm recommends sentences or sections that need references. Newcomer goes out to find references and adds them in.
    • Add a section: algorithm recommends section headers that could be used to expand a short article. Newcomer finds sources and adds content.


  1. create a discussion on your wiki, by summarizing the Structured tasks project. (provide a link here)
  2. get people being aware of the discussion by posting it on Village Pump and other places that interested people would see
  3. Consider pinging some of the newcomers/mentees who you think might be interested in giving opinions. It is good to have newcomer opinions, too.
  4. Translate replies and post on this task.

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@revi @Urbanecm @PPham @Dyolf77_WMF -- this is ready for your to work on. Please put links on this task.

MMiller_WMF renamed this task from Ambassadors to involve their communities about Structured tasks discussion to Add a link: ambassadors to involve their communities in the discussion.May 14 2020, 8:52 PM

AR Wiki, project summary and consultation apge: (subpage for each question from 1 to 6)

Viwiki, discussion thread posted community was informed about the project and invited to share feedback. Link of the consultation page ( shared in:

My question: can we involve social media? I can send some messages on Twitter, IG ans FB from ar.wikipedia official account.

Replies from Arabic Wikipedia community are listed and translated in this document:

@revi please provide links to the conversation you started on ko.wp. Thanks!

To simplify, I started single thread on VP, with a project summary at the top of the section (first subsection). I am sending out notifications to mentors via MassMessage in a short time.

I guess this should be resolved now?