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Support RTL for UI language
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The UI language is the one used to display element that are considered part of the user interface. It includes softkey labels, menus/submenus, forms, and the search feature.

Technical requirements

  • Flip RSK and LSK
  • Flip Left and right link navigation within an article. Clicking left goes to the next link and clicking right goes to the previous link.
  • Back hardware key functionality remains the same

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One feedback coming from the review stage in the content language RTL support that I think belongs to this scope

The "Article" screenshot is a bit confusing for me. Is that something that's in the OS or did you create it? If you created it, I'd consider flipping (mirroring) the list icon, so it's right to left, but it's a bit confusing because the word "Sections" isn't translated. Is that on purpose? Is that user-defined dynamic title, or just untranslated UI? If this title is sometimes English and sometimes RTL-language, then I'd recommend using some directionality tricks to get the [icon][title] placement at least attempt to render the correct direction based on auto dir detection (you can do that by having both of those elements inline blocks, inside a container that has dir=auto, but I'm suggesting this without really knowing how things work in the code :) let me know if you want any other more specific ideas)