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Add Git LFS support for research/wikiworkshop
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We'd like to upload big files using Git LFS. A local patch is ready, but the project configuration doesn't allow uploading such files. We'd like to have something similar to this: with maxObjectSize = 1g

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I'm afraid we can't currently offer multiple Gigabytes of space on the virtual machines hosting this. They are made for small static sites which are usually a few hundred MB in total.

Could you explain a bit more what you are planning to upload and how much space it would require in the mid/long-term? Then we might be able to find a more suitable place and deployment method for these files.

@Dzahn we have about 1.7 GB of video recordings of the recent workshop. We're trying to upload those files. Currently, there are only 4 files.

In the future, we may have more videos (I suppose next year, or the year after, etc.). So longer term, maybe we'll need something under 10GB.

Why would you store videos in git? It seems the wrong way of going about it for files that aren't going to be changed...

Are they freely licensed? Can you just upload them to commons?

Thanks all for your comments.

@bmansurov how about we go with uploading them on Wikimedia Foundation's YouTube channel? At least 2 of them can't be put under a free license. I can file a ticket to OIT and ask for help. Let me know.

@leila that sounds good.

@Reedy there maybe many reasons. Files being changed is not a requirement to store them in Git. And I'm not proposing we store them in Git, I am asking for Git LFS.

I think both Commons and Youtube, depending on licenses, would be good places to store the actual video. The wikiworkshop site could then link to them or embed them directly.

Ok. I sent the email to office IT and requested that they put them on YT. I'll share the links with you, @bmansurov, when I have them.

RLazarus triaged this task as Medium priority.May 19 2020, 5:26 PM

@bmansurov You can fetch the videos from YT now:

Wiki Workshop 2020 - A conversation:
Wiki Workshop 2020 - Keynote:
Wiki Workshop 2020 - Panel:
Wiki Workshop 2020 - Featured and Lightning Presentations: