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Newcomer tasks: Conduct usability testing of released guidance feature in local languages
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The new guidance feature in newcomer tasks is predicated on users understanding how to follow the help being provided to them in the guidance panel.
Considering the heavy reliance user understanding of translated copy, we may discover improvements to be made to the copy (as well as other usability issues) through user testing in the local languages of a some of our target wikis.

Goals of this user testing

Based partly on testing prior to launch as detailed in T239963: Newcomer tasks: Conduct user testing for task guidance , with goals re-ordered by priority.

  1. Gauge user reactions and understanding of the content of the following in their local language:
    • Quick start tips
    • Self-help search
    • Top help articles
    • Asking for mentor help
  2. Identify improvements to the usability of task guidance panels.
  3. Assess overall understanding about completing an edit on Wikipedia gleaned throughout the process of completing the suggested edit with guidance.
Testing format

This will be an unmoderated remote task-based test, conducted using to recruit participants and record sessions.
Due to resource limitations for conducting user testing in other languages, the intention is to seek participants who are bilingual in the respective local language being tested as well as English, so that they use the local language UI, but provide their answers and feedback in English.


TBD number of users will be recruited using
Participants will be screened to find those who likely do not already have a Wikipedia account, and are new to editing on Wikipedia.
As above, participants will also be screened for bilingual proficiency in reading and writing in both the local language as well as English.

  • 50% will test on Desktop
  • 50% will test on Mobile
Test protocol


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