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Make it possible to add references to statements in Structured Data on Wikimedia Commons
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Wikimedia Commons currently does not allow to add references to StructuredDataOnCommons statements, but it would be very useful if this would be possible, in the same way as they can be added on Wikidata. Please add use cases in the comments.

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As discussed in a thread in the Wikidata+GLAM Facebook group, a use case for references on Wikimedia Commons is: to indicate that specific edits have been done (or supported) by machine learning tools.

References for statements are important for the use case of GLAM media file imports: references will be used to indicate that certain statements are sourced from the cultural institution's website, to distinguish them from community-created statements. See also comment by @Dominicbm in the same Facebook thread as mentioned above.

+1. Machine learning is a good usecase, but there are many others:

  • References on who's depicted on a photograph or painting. For example, most sources say the model on the Mona Lisa is Lisa del Giocondo, but some others say it could be Isabella of Aragon or even Leonardo da Vinci himself. References could support a statement like this.
  • With batch uploads that have metadata on the files this would be a natural fit: 'photo depicts the Eiffel Tower' with a reference 'imported from' and then the original upload URL.

With every import i do on Wikidata i make sure the references are good, for uploads on Commons it only makes sense to also include references.

Use case example

have currently set of photos from Finna which will have coordinate information from


  • Generally coordinates informed by GLAM.
    • Coordinates of the photographer OR Coordinates of the depicted object (can be either and it cannot be known from the data)
    • Derived from street address or location by name (can be quessed from the data)

Digitransit Address Lookup.

  • This is used also for crosschecking the Finna's location data but also as a failback location if Finna doesn't have it


  • GPS data of the position photographer when the rephotograp has been taken
  • Manual geotagging: Wikidatas p625 coordinates OR katselukulman koordinaatit p1259 + heading p7787

So, if I want to add coordinate information and I would like to store also information where the information comes from.