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Grant permissions to TravisCI for the Toolforge GitHub organization
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In order to deploy PAWS via Travis CI for Open Source, we need to grant it the ability to work with the org. It is currently still linked to Yuvi's personal Github account.

It is already authorized for the Wikimedia Organization, but for the sake of transparency, I'm creating this task and bringing it to the WMCS meeting if it isn't approved before that.

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Bstorm renamed this task from Grant permissions to TravisCI for the Toolforge organization to Grant permissions to TravisCI for the Toolforge GitHub organization.May 18 2020, 9:42 PM
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+1 to approve the grant access. Kind of surprising nobody else has needed it for their repos yet.

Oops, I granted access when I tried to fix T252290: Pywikibot on PAWS is not getting updates to latest stable. Didn't think that was anything major to wait on a ticket for it. It doesn't work with the build due to the lack of creds though.

Authorized it. This act did not send any deploy hooks, which is good (and probably because the repo isn't configured in travis yet).

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