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Support for right-to-left languages for Convenient Discussions
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Adapt the interface so that it works for right-to-left languages.

Current situation

  1. Answer buttons are located to the right of the message.

  1. Response form crumbled when we use ltr language inteface

  1. "Reply to" is located after user name
  2. The buttons are independent of the direction of the language

Event Timeline

Iniquity renamed this task from Support for right-to-left languages to Support for right-to-left languages for Convenient Discussions.May 21 2020, 2:02 PM
Iniquity created this task.

Thanks to the coordinated efforts of @Iniquity, @IKhitron and also myself CD now supports RTL, and also LTR interface on RTL wikis and RTL interface on LTR wikis. Please reopen if you see any shortcomings.