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Civi: possible email_greeting TY email feature request
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Hi all,

As part of thinking about the Email Preference Center specs, Sandra and I are wondering about possible solutions to an ongoing issue.

Civi's TY emails insert the donor's first name by default. What gets tricky about that is the volume of requests we get from donors saying that they need the TY email to use their full name in the salutation in order for it to function as a tax receipt. This volume is high enough that we'd love to find a way to reduce the manual followups currently needed.

We are going with this option: add full name right above the tax info (not in the salutation, but above the tax language at the bottom).

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Some notes from the meeting today:

  1. this option would be easy as long as email/creative teams approve.

Elliott: option 1a would be to add add full name right above the tax info (not in the salutation, but above the tax language at the bottom).

David: Japanese and Hebrew cases would likely require care to work properly

  1. This option is more complicated
  1. Would be a manual process that requires humans to deal w/more complexity, so from DS's perspective this is not as helpful.

Eileen: any option would likely use display_name field, which would also catch suffixes, but is configurable

@MBeat33 Yes we do get this request a lot. As of now I just manually change the Email Greeting field in civi and resend the TY via email. If there were a way to have the full name on the original TY email it would be helpful in cutting down these requests.

For the record, I think I might be wrong on the Hebrew note. I do think there are one or two other languages/countries that have similar problems to Japanese I just can't think of them at the moment. I'm wondering if anyone else can remember.

Hungarian is customary to use the surname in the salutation, I'm pretty sure.

Have we gotten any feedback about whether options 1 or 1a work for this?

I added this thread to the DS vs Creative team meeting agenda on 6/3 so we should have a response soon.

Has there been any update to this?

fwiw this sample form looks like option 1a, with the donor's first name in the salutation, and the full name below near the summary details

We are going with 1a. I have updated the task description