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Add Storybook to Vue.js search
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Add a Storybook configuration to the new Vue.js search repo. See prototype example.
Are there specific Storybook 'knobs' that would be supportive and should be considered?


Acceptance criteria

  • npm start launches the Storybook development workflow.
  • Changing Vue styles or @imports, templates, scripts or imports, revises the targeted page content live via HMR.
  • Documentation on usage is added to the readme.
  • The following addons are considered: a11y, actions, backgrounds, knobs, links, storysource, viewport.
  • v6 is used since it's currently in beta has API breaking changes from v5.
  • Consider adding the docs directory to package.json.

Event Timeline

I think the knobs are on a per component basis. For example, an icon component might expose a knob for different sizes and a news-card component might expose knobs for changing the headline, subtitle, image, and excerpt.

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@ovasileva, I'm adding this to the Web board for tracking and visibility purposes. Anri is working on this task as part of ramping up and #Vue.js-Search.

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Documentation generation for distribution on is build by running

Note this doesn't happen automatically. You'll need to configure the repo

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Documentation generation for distribution on is build by running npm run docs:ui which is called by npm docs and tested on commit.

Moved to T255678.


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@Niedzielski was using directories in package.json considered and rejected? If not can it be removed from the a/c ?

@Jdlrobson, thanks for catching. I've just added the directories and main entries in

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